Day 19: Coming to terms with being autoimmune

Today, I had an interesting realisation and it kind of took me by surprise. Today I realised I am OK with having an autoimmune disease. It’s not ideal. It’s not what I would choose. But it’s how things are. And I’m OK with it. Continue reading


Day 18: A more positive look at conflicting elimination diets

This morning on the train to work, I cracked open a different book to usual. I’m currently reading Sarah Ballantyne’s The Paleo Approach, which is excellent, but very heavy. Sometimes I like to start my day with something a bit more light-hearted and positive, so today I opened up Mindful Living: Mindfulness, The Chance to Choose. This is why having a Kindle is great. So much choice at your fingertips constantly. Continue reading

Day 17: Conflicting information; conflicting elimination diets

I’m an obsessive compulsive researcher. Especially when it comes to my health, my diet, and getting rid of this constant pain, I find myself reading book after blog after website and even though I now definitely know more about nutrition and Interstitial Cystitis than my doctor does, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there. Especially when you start to compare different elimination diets. Continue reading

Day 16: Recipes, recipes and more recipes: the key to AIP success

If you’ve been following this blog from the beginning, you’ll have realised by now that the AIP diet is pretty tough. If you’re only just joining us, you’ll just have to take my word for it. It’s really tough. I’ve covered some of the ways I’m getting through it so far, such as proper meal planning, and batch-cooking, but really, the key to success with AIP is having a great collection of recipes.

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Day 15: Take your lunch breaks and get outside

Our lives these days are mostly spent travelling from one indoor environment to another. Even the methods of transportation don’t allow us much opportunity for breathing in fresh air and fully taking in our surroundings. I feel very lucky that I have a commute to and from work that includes about 30 minutes of walking both ways. It gives me time to think, time to breathe, and time to be outside. Continue reading

Day 14: Losing my batch-cooking virginity

I have to say that in my entire life, it has never occurred to me to spend a whole Sunday afternoon cooking up an array of treats to last me the week. But then I’ve never been on a diet that basically prohibits me from eating ANY snacks you can buy from a supermarket. Enter batch-cooking.

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Day 13: How AIP is helping me get a better night sleep

Do you get enough sleep? I mean, not just in terms of how much sleep. We all know we’re supposed to be getting 7-8 hours every night – although I’ll bet most people I know don’t pay much attention to that piece of advice. But I also mean in terms of really good quality restful sleep. Do you get enough? Well, I do. Especially since starting this AIP challenge.

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