Day 1: Getting back some control and rethinking our meal plan

Instead of feeling anxious about further regimenting my diet, I woke up this morning feeling excited and ready to go. In fact, every time I’ve stumbled across a new potential cure, I’ve had this same excitement that this could be it. This could be what gets rid of it once and for all. I also feel positive about myself and a sense of pride that I’m still working so hard to find a solution, that I haven’t given up yet, and there’s still hope. We haven’t exhausted all possibilities.

I think it’s this kind of thinking that keeps me going. Some people might look at my approach – the reading, the researching, the diet plan and think that I border on the obsessive. And maybe I do, but I’m a problem solver in my work life and personal life and that drive to find a solution to this problem is what keeps me feeling positive… and stops me from feeling powerless. And actually, the adjustments aren’t so bad.

Breakfast was easy today as I made sure to save enough of the dinner we had last night and had it with some baby spinach and olive oil. It was plain, but filling and it saw me through to lunch, which was just a simple tuna salad. I’m improvising here, you see. This week may well be the toughest one just simply because Boyfriend and I had already figured out our meal plan for the week and done all our shopping before we decided to do this whole Autoimmune Protocol thing. So, we now have a bunch of perfectly good food that I can’t eat and all our meals are having to be adapted.

Last night's chicken thigh marinated in olive oil and italian herbs on a bed of raw spinach leaves and drizzled with a tiny bit of balsamic

BREAKFAST: Last night’s chicken thigh marinated in olive oil and italian herbs on a bed of raw spinach leaves and drizzled with a tiny bit of balsamic

For example, this evening was meant to be Mozzarella and Asparagus Stuffed Chicken. And now, we’re swapping out the dairy for bacon (not a bad swap, I think) in my meal and making sure to cook enough so there are leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Not too much of a change for tonight, but some of the recipes planned for later in the week will need a more vigorous overhaul. Pepper Steak isn’t really Pepper Steak without peppers. And peppers are banned as they’re part of the nightshade family and not Autoimmune Protocol friendly.

Asparagus Stuffed Chicken with Bacon on Top

DINNER: I didn’t eat both of these… one of them is safely sliced and waiting in my lunchbox to have salad added to it tomorrow

But next week, we’ll be more prepared and I’ll be giving every meal of every day as much attention as the other. Although today was fine, a few weeks in and I know I’ll be craving something. And those cravings will come at times when I haven’t properly planned lunch one day and I’m hungry. So, even though I’m sure our already expensive food bill will go through the roof, I guess you can’t put a price on good health and I can just hope it will be worth it all in the end.

Chalkboard with a weak of planned meals

We fill this in every week before we go get our weekly shop. Don’t know how the menu ended up so chicken-heavy this week. That’s unusual… there’s generally a lot more steak. Either way, lots of adaptations needed!

And on an even more positive note, if today is anything to go by, it will all be worth it. Having woken up with very little pain, that continued all day until I got back from work and snacked on some Halkidiki olives from the fridge. They’re apparently Autoimmune Protocol safe, but I felt a twinge instantly, so I may need to move olives into my maybe pile – I’ll try them again tomorrow and see if I have the same reaction. I only ate a few and luckily the twinges went almost as fast as they came, so all in all it’s been a good day.

I do think the excitement of embarking on a new potential cure has a psychological effect on the pain though. Potentially even a placebo effect. I have found when trying other ‘cures’ including supplements and over the counter medicines, etc. that I feel as though I’m getting better and finally this is it and then for whatever reason, I just don’t. And the disappointment is there anew. Obviously it’s too early to tell with this diet, but to stop myself from getting my hopes up too high, I’m going to attribute this relatively pain-free day to placebo effect, while secretly hoping that this really is the answer.

Either way, I made it through my first day and it was still pretty tasty. Only 59 more to go!

Food Diary
Breakfast: Leftover chicken thigh

Lunch: Tuna salad with a squeeze of lime
Dinner: Chicken stuffed with asparagus and topped with bacon, served with green beans
Snacks: Halkidiki olives in brine

Pain Level

Woke up with mild discomfort in the morning, which went almost straight after I got up and started moving around. Pain free for most of the morning with little bits of discomfort along the way. Slight twinges after eating some olives around 5pm, which died down.


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