Day 3: Events with pizza and cocktails are not AIP friendly

For the last two days, I’ve been posting to this blog from the comfort of my kitchen (or my bed last night – ouch) and much later on in the evening. Today is a little bit different as it’s only just gone 5pm and I’m starting already, knowing that I have an event to run from 6-9pm and I might not get chance to write all this in one go when I get home. 

The event is a casual meetup I organise every month for local entrepreneurs to get together for a social, eat some food, give updates and just generally catch up with each other and help each other out. We provide food and the venue is awesome. Or was awesome before I realised I was gluten intolerant… and then dairy intolerant… and then tomatoes intolerant. You guessed it, where there are entrepreneurs, there is often also pizza. And pizza is pretty much the only thing the venue serves. It’s sort of its specialty – well, it kind of has to be if it’s the only thing you do, right?

Back in my previous life (before paleo), I was a bit of a sucker for a slice of cheesy pizza. Mmmm, I loved it so much. I can almost taste it. And I looked forward to this event as an excuse to have a night of eating pizza (and because their pizza is such good quality) and hanging out with some cool people.

Unfortunately, I’ve found myself dreading tonight.

First, because the only thing they serve is pizza. What the hell am I going to eat? And then I realised I was being ridiculous and if I just popped in and asked them to do me a chicken salad with nothing in it other than chicken and lettuce, they would. And they did.

Lesson learned: If you don’t ask you don’t know and you certainly don’t get.

Second, because there’ll be a lot of temptation. Like I said, pizza was a favourite food of mine. Not only that, but everyone will be drinking the 2-for-1 cocktails. Everyone except me.

And third, because I’m worried people will think I’m being a snob or am trying to lose weight. I’m pretty small anyway, and since dropping a few pounds (but still remaining in normal BMI brackets), I feel as though my diet is getting more scrutiny from those around me. Suddenly turning up to a meetup a little bit skinnier than last time and turning down the pizza might cause a little gossip. And it’s not nice to be talked about.


I must find an AIP-friendly cocktail. Any tips?

I’ve got a good excuse about the cocktails – I’m staying sober for October (feel free to sponsor me) as are quite a few other people, so I won’t get any stick for that. But I still find it difficult to tell people I’m ill, or I’m autoimmune… or allergies (mainly because that’s not true for all the things I’m cutting out). It’s just not appropriate to go into the level of detail required for me to feel comfortable with telling someone what’s going on with me.

So, wish me luck. It’s too late for this month, but I’d love to know how any of you deal with this situation. How do you explain to people why you’re eating the way you do? Do you even explain at all?

I’m probably just being a tad narcissistic in assuming anyone will even notice what I’m doing anyway. Let’s hope so! I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Food Diary
Breakfast: One slice of bacon with raw baby leaf spinach
Lunch: Crayfish salad
Dinner: Chicken salad
Snacks: Punnet of blueberries. Roast ham

Pain level (out of 10)
1 for most of the day 🙂


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