Day 4: That awkward moment when you’re paleo

I’d just like to start by saying ‘Hooray for me!’ My pizza and cocktail-fuelled event could not sway me from my journey of this 60 Day AIP Challenge. That’s right. I managed to stick to my chicken salad (although, I’m gonna get bored of chicken salad VERY soon) and soda water with a squeeze of lime all night. No wavering, not once.


Look what I was up against. Man this looked tasty.

If you'd pick this over the pizza. Congratulations. You are officially paleo-ised.

If you’d pick this over the pizza, congratulations. You are officially paleo-ised.

And the best thing about it: I had minimal pain all day and it didn’t get worse at all as the evening went on. Not at all. Now, that’s what I call a result. Or placebo effect. I’m still not 100% convinced until this thing is gone for good.

Nobody really questioned why I was having salad, and most people probably couldn’t tell there wasn’t any gin in my soda water, so most social awkwardness and judgement was avoided. I say most. There were a couple of incidents.

Incident 1: My friend came back from the bar with a really pleased and friendly grin on her face. “Sam, this is my contribution to your ‘Go Sober for October Challenge,’” she said. “It’s a virgin Mojito!”

What a thoughtful thing to do. She knew I had given up drinking and as I looked into her face trying to look as grateful as I possibly could, I wondered how she would feel when I had to say: “Oh hon, it’s not just the alcohol. It’s the sugar.”

I thought she’d be surprised, but she just responded with: “Oh, the paleo thing. Oh yea. No worries. I’m sure I can get through them both,” and smiled. What an awesome friend. Not only did she try and do a really nice thing, but she also didn’t make me feel like a total ungrateful bitch for turning down her generous offer.

So any awkwardness here was totally in my head and nowhere near her causing.

Lesson learned: don’t assume people will react to you negatively just because you’re making out-of-the-ordinary food choices. Don’t be defensive.

And that last part kind of ties into the second slightly awkward incident of the evening; what could have turned into an argument about the rights and wrongs of paleo. Not started by me, I should hasten to add. I make it a point to not talk about how paleo is the best and only diet in the world and everyone should follow it. That would be fine as a nutritionist or dietitian trying to cure the world. But in social situations, it would make me a dick. And I make it a specific mantra of mine to ‘don’t be a dick.’

Someone had overheard the exchange between me and my friend with the virgin Mojito and piped up with their opinion on paleo. I made the mistake of saying the word ‘natural’ when I was explaining the kinds of foods I eat. Big mistake. As grains are natural, legumes are natural, dairy is natural (I guess). And so is plutonium and cyanide. So, a pretty silly word to use when describing the stuff you eat. I guess what I meant was that I eat what would have been our natural human diet before agriculture.

And then he was off again: “Pigs and chickens wouldn’t have been available pre-agriculture!” Well, no. Maybe not. But you do have to do the best with what you have today and I’m not going out hunting wild boar so I guess I’ll have to make do with pork from the butcher.

I’m pleased to say I kept my cool and stayed with the: ‘yea, sure… it’s great that you like to eat grains… that works for you… this diet works for me… everyone should be allowed to eat what they want,’ etc. etc. and I’m glad my usually assertive personality didn’t feel the need to argue with a friend who is in fairness fairly opinionated and entitled to be so. I’m just glad I had read this article (play close attention to point 4) a while ago and was able to remember some of the tips in it.

And he dropped it pretty quickly when I didn’t bite and that was the end of that. So a fairly uneventful event in those terms. So hurrah again for me and a pat on the back. I behaved well yesterday… in food and in being mindful. It’s all about the little celebrations 🙂

Now I get to go out shopping for all the amazing meals we’re going to cook next week which WILL NOT include chicken salad. At all. Wish me luck!

Food Diary
Breakfast: Bacon (we’re doing the weekly shop tonight!)
Lunch: Ham salad with olives. I picked off the tomato.
Dinner: Grilled cod and sweet potato fries
Snacks: Blueberries, banana, tin of tuna.
Drinks: Camomile tea, green tea, peppermint tea.

Pain level (out of 10)
2 for most of the day, getting a little bit worse in the afternoon. Could it be the green tea? It’s safe on AIP but not on an IC diet.


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