Day 10: Failing to plan is planning to fail

After being such a whiny baby yesterday and now I’m a little less hangry, it’s back to being positive again and trying to be enthusiastic about the rest of the challenge that still lies ahead of me. I am a mere 10 days into a 60 day challenge. Of course the first part is going to be tough. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a challenge, would it?

I think what this has shown me is just how much my life is now revolving around food in a way it never has before. Every meal is incredibly important to me because if it’s not filling or not satisfying, I can’t snack my way to the next one. The failed sausage casserole on Monday, the only available thing on the menu being salad last night – these in themselves are not things that should send me over the edge. But when each meal feels utterly and critically important, it feels like the end of the world.

We thought we’d planned really well this week. We always plan our evening meals, but I’d gone so far as planning every breakfast and every lunch as well, trying to ensure that I wouldn’t be caught out. Well, I think I won the battle of the breakfasts – my smoothies are certainly very tasty and are keeping me full up until about 11am, when I can snack on a punnet of blueberries.

But then lunch. What to do with lunch? It’s getting far too cold for salad every day and to be honest, I’m sick of the sight of lettuce. My time for cooking in the morning is limited, so it would need to be something I prepared in advance, but I’m stumped for ideas that are actually going to get me through the work day.

Lesson learned: Planning is everything with Autoimmune Protocol. And you can’t just assume you’ll be OK with salad.

I keep coming across articles and videos suggesting batch cooking as a way to be prepared for the week ahead and also to stop yourself from feeling chained to the kitchen. But I’m a bit stumped on what to batch cook? I’m thinking the following could work:

  • Burgers and meatballs (these could be quick snacks and great for lunchboxes)
  • Stir fry

OK, I’m out of ideas. Seriously. All I know is I need meat! I feel 100 times better tonight than I did last night and this is why…

stuffed burgers

I could eat this every day

That, my friends, is what Boyfriend cooked for me this evening and it’s amazing the difference a full stomach makes. So, I know I need to eat more so I don’t get hangry. I know I can get enough to eat for my evening meal (as long as I don’t mess up a casserole or eat out), and breakfasts are slightly easier although I get the feeling my smoothies are upping my fruit intake by too much.

I just need to plan out my lunches and batch cook some filling snacks in advance. Because really, if I’m not eating enough, there’s no way I’m going to heal, even if I am avoiding the things I should be. Any advice on what to batch cook in advance would be gratefully received… otherwise there’ll be a lot of meatballs in my life next week! I’ve done Google searches and I’m still struggling.

Well, off to have a wind down and a cup of sleepy tea before bed and be thankful I’m not in much pain this evening.

Food diary
Breakfast: Berry smoothie (frozen berries, banana, avocado, gelatin, coconut milk)
Lunch: Leftover chicken casserole and salad
Dinner: Stuffed bacon guacamole burgers
Snacks: Punnet of blueberries, half a honeydew melon, handful of dates

Pain level (out of 10)
Started out at 1 or 2, went down to 0 throughout the day, back up to 1 in the evening.


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