Day 14: Losing my batch-cooking virginity

I have to say that in my entire life, it has never occurred to me to spend a whole Sunday afternoon cooking up an array of treats to last me the week. But then I’ve never been on a diet that basically prohibits me from eating ANY snacks you can buy from a supermarket. Enter batch-cooking.

I’ve read about batch-cooking on a number of AIP and paleo blogs, but no matter how many posts I read, I seemed to be none-the wiser as to what I should actually cook. I’ve been pondering over the last couple of days and I decided to go with… MEAT. And more meat. And some veg for good measure.

We always do a roast on a Sunday, so after I’d stuffed the lamb breast and put it in the oven, and made some AIP-friendly mint sauce, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. Here’s what I came up with…

  1. Big-O-Bacon Burgers x8
    This is from the fantastic Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans cookbook by Melissa Tam and Henry Fong. I love this book. It’s so beautifully designed and everything we’ve made out of here has been yummy.
    I swapped minced beef for minced lamb since that’s what I had in, ate two for lunch with some salad and popped the rest in the freezer. That’s 6 Big-O-Bacon burgers ready for me to dip into whenever I’m feeling peckish this week.

    Big O Bacon burgers

    These were pretty tasty. They’re underneath the mini lamb burgers I did afterwards. I hope they’ll be as good cold in my lunchbox tomorrow!

  2. Mini lamb burgers x 10
    Not all the lamb mince had defrosted when I made the Big-O-Bacon burgers, so I let it sit out of the fridge for half an hour or so to thaw. Then I just mixed in some dried rosemary and garlic powder and made some mini meatball sized burgers. I cooked all of this on our trusty griddle pan, which is proving to be our most-loved kitchen appliance with all the meat we’ve been eating lately!
  3. Gluten free sausages x7
    Because I have to get up to walk the dog every morning, I rarely have time to cook sausages for breakfast as they take quite a lot longer than bacon. I’ve been having smoothies all week, but I really want to decrease my fruit intake this week, so I decided on sausages. I haven’t cooked enough for the whole week. Just for the first couple of days. I’ve frozen the rest and will probably cook some more on Wednesday evening… unless I’m feeling sick of sausage by then. We’ll see.

    Gluten free sausages

    These are from our awesome local butcher who is also gluten intolerant. But then, isn’t everybody.

  4. Honey-glazed veg
    This wasn’t really strictly batch-cooking. It was more a case of cooking a crazy amount of veg for our Sunday roast knowing that we’d never get through it all in one sitting. We did better than I expected actually. I’m hoping that when they’re cold, the caramelisation of the honey will make them a bit of a sweet treat should I need one. I know, I know, I should be cutting out all the sugar. But this is better than eating a shed load of fruit, surely?
Maple glazed veg

All wrapped up and ready for the fridge

And that’s it. So, that’s quite a lot of food, I think. Having never batch-cooked before, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever as to how long all this stuff will last, but I do know I won’t be going hungry again for a couple of days at least!

It’s not like I’m a glutten or anything, but whereas my appetite seemed to be pretty low when eating paleo, eating AIP has put me into overdrive, especially when I mess up a meal or I get caught short with nothing convenient to munch on. And that’s when I tend to binge on fruit, seeing it as the lesser of all the evils available to me. Because at least it’s AIP-friendly – in small amounts.

My worst time for pigging out on fruit is when I first get back from work and I’m starving hungry. This is especially the case if Boyfriend works a little bit later than usual as obviously that increases the amount of time between lunch and dinner, which puts me on edge a little bit.

So, hopefully this will help. I might need to buy some more veg in the middle of the week, but I’m quite happy with my first ever batch-cooking attempts. Maybe I’ll get a bit more inspiration for next week’s batch-cooking session, but I imagine it will still include plenty of meat – pretty much the only thing you can eat on AIP that’s actually filling!

What do you batch-cook? Any tips you can share?

Food diary
Breakfast: 3 gluten free sausages, with mushrooms
Lunch: 2 Big-O-Bacon Burgers, with salad
Dinner: Roasted lamb breast with honey-glazed veg
Snacks: The last of the honeydew melon, one mini lamb burger.

Pain level (out of 10)
After a pretty bad night last night (which kept me up until about 4am) I woke up this morning with pain at about 3 or 4. This decreased to about 1 throughout most of the day and went back up to 3 towards the early evening after dinner. Now back down to 0 at nearly 9pm. Hopefully it’ll stay this way and I can get a decent night kip tonight ready for work tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Day 14: Losing my batch-cooking virginity

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