Day 48: Phantom bladder pain

I have now been pain-free for a few days. It’s brilliant, weird, and a bit scary. Not really scary. But I’m just on edge a little bit I guess in case it comes back. This could be it. The end of all the pain. I would really like that to be the case.

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Day 46: The dangers of self-diagnosis

When I first began this challenge and this blog just over six weeks ago, I was excited and enthusiastic, viewing this elimination diet as a potential light at the end of a year-long tunnel of chronic pain. By the middle, I was worried, frustrated, and feeling a little bit silly – what if I’m wrong? What if this doesn’t work? What if I’m putting myself and Boyfriend through this for nothing?

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Day 45: A good old clear-out to cleanse the soul

I love a good clear-out. I have a big de-clutter probably twice a year usually in Spring and Autumn and it feels great. I’m not sure why my cleansing clear-outs tend to be about six months apart, but I have a sneaky suspicion it’s because the change in weather leads to a change in wardrobe, which leads to me looking at clothes I haven’t worn for six months wondering what I was thinking when I bought that orange rah-rah skirt I’m never going to wear.

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Day 44: Going nuts… in a good way

Day 44? What the hell? What happened to Day 43? Day 43 passed me by so quickly, it just completely slipped my mind to sit down and write in the evening. Sorry about that :/ But despite its absence from the archives, Day 43 is definitely significant, because guess what… it was my FIRST PAIN FREE DAY IN OVER A YEAR. Continue reading

Day 41: 5 reasons why I might be in pain today

So, there are definitely benefits and drawbacks from running this event I was talking about. And I may already be regretting some of the decisions I made today. Nothing serious – it’s not like I’ve been eating pizza or cake or anything. Everything I’ve eaten has been strictly paleo. But not strictly AIP. And now I’m concerned I might have set myself back a little bit now. Continue reading