Day 20: Resisting rebellion and rainbows

We had friends round for dinner this evening. But not for an ordinary dinner. For a belated Halloween special, we decided to try and recreate the banquet scene from the film ‘Hook.’ You know, the one where the lost boys are all sat around the table with a grown up Peter Pan (played by Robin Williams) and they make-believe a magical rainbow of wonderful food? Yea, that. As you can imagine, rainbow-coloured food isn’t AIP-friendly. But it is fun.

This is the scene we were using as our inspiration…

Banquet scene from Hook

OK, there are definitely rainbows but there’s meat too, look…

And this is what our dining room table looked like…

Magical banquet

It really was magical…

The rainbow cupcake cones are nothing to do with me. Boyfriend has a penchant for baking and they are entirely his doing. I can take no credit for their beauty, no blame for their lack of AIP-friendliness. As you can see, not only did I have to survive many hours of being sat at the dinner table surrounded by forbidden food, the baking and the buying of chocolates started yesterday in preparation for trick or treaters. We didn’t want to be those people who didn’t have sweets for the kids.

That’s a lot of time to have to resist a whole load of sugary treats. And despite me never really considering myself to have a sweet tooth before all this AIP stuff, I would definitely have indulged in a sugary treat or two back in the old days and not felt guilty about it. And even though I know I need to heal and eating something made entirely of gluten, dairy, eggs, and sugar would be a BAD idea, a little part of me wanted to gobble down the whole lot.

That’s not that weird really, I guess. When you give up a load of stuff you’re probably addicted to on a certain level, there are going to be some cravings along the way. What’s weird is what stops me in that very moment isn’t the damage I’ll do to myself (and more specifically, my gut). What stops me is Boyfriend. He puts so much work into finding and cooking recipes that are AIP-friendly throughout the week to help me and support me in getting better, it would be like a slap in his face to just undermine all of that by chowing down on rainbow-coloured cupcake cones.

Eating rainbow cupcake cones

I’ll leave the rainbow cupcake cone eating to Boyfriend

But it’s tough. I have always had a psychological need to rebel and the more I’m told I can’t do something, the more I want to do it and the more likely I will do it anyway. And that’s part of the problem with this diet. By putting restrictions on myself, it increases my desire to rebel against it. And it’s really hard not to.

You’ll be pleased to know that although I indulged significantly – I ate a LOT of food today – I managed to get through the whole day and evening without breaking the Autoimmune Protocol. I ate meat, vegetables, and fruit (probably far too much fruit, but way better than the gluten-laden alternatives) abundantly.

Eating a chicken leg

Me sticking to my caveman grub… and dressed as a Lost Boy

It was the first party we’ve hosted since I’ve been on AIP. Obviously, that means that not only were there a load of things on the table I couldn’t eat – we couldn’t even find any gammon without some kind of preservative in it, which was very disappointing – but there was also plenty on the table and in the fridge that I couldn’t drink. Funnily enough, if you’d have asked me a couple of months ago which I would find hardest between not eating cake and not drinking wine, I would have said the latter. Not the case. Totally didn’t mind drinking peppermint tea all night. Could have eaten all that damn cake though.

But the main thing is, I didn’t. Despite all temptation, I managed to resist the urge to rebel and instead made lots of positive choices for my health. And most importantly, I had a great time socialising with friends, relaxing and enjoying great food with people who are important to me. A lovely way to spend a Saturday night.

Which situations do you find hold the most temptation? How do you resist the urge to eat forbidden food?

Food diary
Breakfast: Gluten free sausages and mushrooms
Lunch: Ham salad and leftover AIP cottage pie
Dinner: Roast chicken, carrots, cabbage, fruit salad
Snacks: Blackcurrant fruit leather YoYo thingies

Pain level (out of 10)
Woke up with minimal pain this morning around 1 or 2. Dies down during the day. Picked up very slightly after dinner to about 1 or 2 again and seems to have gone again for now (at 11.35pm). Good day really. Could this be related to a repeated effort to stay positive and keep my stress levels down?


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