Day 25: The wonderful weekly shop

Thursday is weekly shop day. It’s one of my favourite days of the week – probably 2nd favourite after Sundays. That’s right, it probably even beats Saturdays. I never remember what I do on Saturdays. Thursday is such a good day because it’s all about food and planning what we’re going to eat over the next week.

We were already quite well prepared for a fairly regimented diet in terms of the planning before we even started eating strict Autoimmune Protocol paleo. Boyfriend and I moved in together just over a year ago in the September and as we both enjoy cooking, we made a point right from the beginning to share the responsibility of cooking.

Of course, as soon as we got to October last year, conference season struck and there was barely a week where one of us wasn’t late or out of the house (even the country) a couple of times a week. We needed a way to plan who would cook each evening, so we started to plan it based on our diaries. But then writing shopping lists jointly would have been a nightmare if we didn’t know what we were cooking, so it was a natural step to progress onto planning all of our evening meals beforehand and shopping for all the ingredients we would need for the week.

This was partly to minimise food wastage and partly to keep costs down. But we have found this system has worked really well for us, so we’ve kept it going, not missing a week in over a year.

I’ve written before about the importance of planning when you’re eating AIP. That first week was a nightmare and I probably should have held off starting the diet until the following week as I imagine the amount of stress it caused would not have been displaced by the potential healing of not eating trigger foods.

Lesson learned: if you’re planning on jumping straight in and going cold turkey, make sure you prepare! Or have plenty of cold turkey to hand. Or both.

Now our ability to plan combined with our new-found knowledge of AIP elimination foods is a match made in heaven and looking through our bank of AIP recipes before writing our shopping list and going out to forage in the supermarket for our wholesome, healthy ingredients has become a highlight of my week.

We’ve noticed a few differences since eating an Autoimmune Protocol friendly diet:

  1. We use way more fresh herbs than we used to – even compared to just plain paleo.
  2. Our shop is majority vegetables – the checkout lady even asked us if she could come over for dinner as our shop looked so healthy!
  3. Our fridge is always full to the brim after a shop. I think probably because we buy more fresh stuff and keep less in the cupboards.
inside of the fridge

Our fridge makes me so happy. Apart from the bottle of coke (Boyfriend calls it American champagne – seriously) and the bread (still haven’t weaned him off sandwiches for lunch.

Those are the differences that are sort of accidental side-effects of eating AIP. A couple of things I changed on purpose this week were to buy a whole lot more fish as I think eating fish is really helping decrease my inflammation as I’m getting way less pain. So I bought a bunch of salmon for breakfast and I’ve found a great-looking fish pie recipe that I’m looking forward to giving a shot. Also, I’ve made an effort to buy some lamb’s liver this week in an attempt to include more organ meats in my diet. I’m not a huge fan of offal. My mum was pescetarian when we were growing up so we hardly even saw meat, let alone the more ‘out there’ cuts like liver and kidney.

I’ve tried liver a couple of times and I can just about manage it in small portions but it’s certainly not up there in my favourites. However, I figured I could trick myself into eating it by batch-cooking a load of cottage pie at the weekend and hiding it in with the mince. I’ll never notice. And it’ll be worth it as it’s so incredibly nutritious. I’ll work on a plan for other organ meats :/

So, I’m very excited that next week’s meals will consist of chicken pad thai, maple sausage patties (an all-time favourite), fish pie and much much more! So excited. I never used to get this excited about food before paleo!

Do you plan your meals? What’s your weekly/monthly ritual?

Food diary
Breakfast: smoked salmon, sautéed mushrooms, and honeydew melon
Lunch: Roast beef salad
Dinner: Griddled salt and pepper pork loin with roast butternut squash and pineapple
Snacks: 1 x pear, and 1x fruit leather

Pain level (out of 10)
started out at about 2 this morning, but went before 9am. Has felt like it might come back a bit as there’s been the odd little bit of discomfort, but not even really enough to register on the pain scale. So far, so good!


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