Day 37: Will my self control last past this challenge?

I have a chocolate cake sat on my dining room table and it’s talking dirty to me. It really is the most filthy of indulgences promising luxury, moistness and to melt in my mouth. How is a mere mortal supposed to resist such brazen advances? With a great deal of willpower, the knowledge that I’m being watched, and that I’m still in the midst of this challenge.

But what when this challenge ends? When my willpower fades and Boyfriend works late one night? And it’s just me and one particularly seductive and specially selected chocolate luxury sponge cake all alone with our attentions undivided from each other. Will I be able to resist?

You may be wondering why I would even create these conditions of torture for myself? Why would I purchase a moist chocolate sponge cake, hand-filled and topped with Belgian chocolate buttercream? Is this some kind of sick test? Well, it seems to have turned into that, but it wasn’t intended that way. I bought it as a thank you for one of my friends who I had arranged to look after the dog this last weekend while we went climbing.

We were supposed to drive through to Sheffield to climb while she looked after him, then we’d pick him up and drive to meet the family who are going to look after him for a week in the run-up to Christmas – we’ll be in Chicago and my mum will be in Uganda, so he needs a dogminder for a few days.

But the poor little pooch has been pretty ill the last few days with a stomach bug and we didn’t think it was fair to make him travel. Therefore we didn’t need a friend to look after him while we climbed. Therefore we never handed over this ridiculously tempting cake. So really it’s the dog’s fault.

And it’s been looking at me ever since. I swear it just winked at me.

But I know I would not eat it at the moment. I’m committed to this challenge and apart from my one slip up with the Halloween treats a few weeks ago, I’ve been pretty good. There seems to be something about taking a challenge and then publicly blogging about it that gives you that extra willpower boost. It seems to have that effect on me anyway.


Look at all those red and amber warning signs. Best to heed them really…

But I hope I’m not going to be on this diet forever. Pain has been good these last few days so I’m even hoping I can start the reintroduction a little sooner than expected. So what happens when this challenge is over and I’m being less strict about the foods I can eat? Gluten is still way off limits, but I know what I’m like. In the moment, I’ll get that ‘Oh, it’ll be OK just this once’ mentality and before you know it that ‘Ooh la la chocolat’ will be IN MY BELLY and no doubt wreaking havoc on my whole body.

Boyfriend assures me this cake will no longer inhabit this world after this weekend so not to worry. But there will always be something to tempt me, whether at home, work or travelling. The world is full of cake and doughnuts and cookies. And they’re all out to get me.

I still have a bit of a problem with overindulging on dates (I ate a whole bag again today). But I imagine eating a full bag of dates is still healthier than eating that cake. Boyfriend actually just confirmed this by reading half the ingredients list… and admitting he couldn’t pronounce the other half of it.

I’m hoping I will be able to reintroduce nuts and seeds pretty early on as they were my go-to snacks before this challenge and they also pave the way for paleo granola and paleo bars. The ideal, of course, is to get back to eating a standard paleo diet rather than a standard American (or British) diet. Maybe once I’ve finished with the reintroduction phase, I’ll need to set myself another challenge like a sugar detox to get my fruit and therefore glucose consumption down.

What are your major temptation foods? How do you resist them?

Food Diary
Breakfast: Leftover AIP Shepherd’s Pie
Lunch: Mackerel and tuna salad
Dinner: Chicken breast wrapped in bacon with steamed carrots, mushrooms and spinach
Snacks: 1 whole bag of dates and 1 banana.

Pain level
3 to begin with this morning. Went away pretty quickly and picked up again about 7.30pm at about a 2. Gone again now.


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