Day 39: Where did my evening go?

Wow, I can’t believe I’m only just sitting down to write this post and it’s already after 10.30pm. This week has just been crazy busy and the weekend isn’t going to be any quieter. It’s good though. Lots of energy. Obviously, it’s not good to be this busy all the time, but sometimes it’s good to have plenty to do. Keeps your mind busy.

But tonight I even got back from work at the normal time and I still have barely sat down other than to eat dinner! Poor Dog has been poorly recently with what must be some kind of stomach bug so I had to take him to the vet this evening straight from work. Then as soon as we got back, it was time to plan meals for next week before going out to the supermarket to buy our groceries for the next seven days.

We did that classic thing as well where you go to the store hungry and then buy loads of stuff. Well, I didn’t really. All my snacks arrived yesterday so I have cupboards full, but Boyfriend went a bit crazy in the crisps and chocolate aisle. Can’t say I wasn’t a tiny bit jealous when comparing his snacks to mine, but I’m sure I’ll get used to plantain chips after eating 15 packets of them.

By the time we’d finished shopping, dinner, and walked poorly sorry-for-himself Doggy it was already after 10pm. What a busy evening. I must say that at least I’m feeling a bit better than I was yesterday. Don’t know what got into me but I was a bit of a Miss Negativity Pants. Sorry about that. Thanks for coming back.

But I’m going to keep it short and sweet today so I can make sure I get chance to chill out a bit before bedtime. I have a 14 hour day tomorrow so definitely need to be as rested as possible. But all pretty good today as stayed on track with the diet without being too hangry or cravey. And I had barely any pain from waking up to going to sleep, so I’m still feeling like this is all worth it again.

Sweet dreams and see you tomorrow.

Food Diary
Breakfast: Leftover AIP Shepherd’s Pie
Lunch: 100% beef burger with salad
Dinner: Salmon with steamed red cabbage, savoy cabbage and broccoli, and sweet potato fries
Snacks: 1 x banana, 1 packet of plantain chips

Pain level (out of 10)
Woke up with pain at about 1, which went away pretty quickly. Kept coming back a little bit now and again, but only very mildly. Very happy with progress today.


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