Day 41: 5 reasons why I might be in pain today

So, there are definitely benefits and drawbacks from running this event I was talking about. And I may already be regretting some of the decisions I made today. Nothing serious – it’s not like I’ve been eating pizza or cake or anything. Everything I’ve eaten has been strictly paleo. But not strictly AIP. And now I’m concerned I might have set myself back a little bit now.

Don’t worry, I’m not beating myself up or anything. I think the problem is that I had almost zero pain yesterday and you know what I’m like for not being as strict when my pain level starts to go down. Today, I also had almost zero pain in the morning, but for the last few hours, I’ve been hurting. And it could be a combination of reasons why.

  • I’ve been sat down a lot.
    Sitting isn’t a great position as it puts pressure on the bladder and can cause it to be a bit more irritated. I have been running around a bit too, but mostly there’s been a lot of sitting.
  • I’ve eaten some not strictly AIP foods, including peas, green beans, pepperoni, orange juice
  • I’ve been eating meat that probably isn’t grass fed, including chicken (which is particularly high in Omega-6 anyway) and smoked bacon.
  • I’ve come to the end of my antibiotics – perhaps they were just masking the symptoms
  • I ate a lot of fruit today, including a load of dates again

On a positive note, I have also:

  • Socialised with loads of people and had some great meaningful conversations
  • Had an impromptu dance party
  • Not felt this full up of food in a long time

I’ve also come to the following conclusions:

  • Impromptu dance parties rule!

    Impromptu dance parties rule!

    I really need to push forward my appointment with a specialist. It’s been over a month now and a I haven’t heard anything about my appointment

  • I don’t like the way I look at the moment. I posted the photo on the right and immediately got messages on FB telling me how shocked they were at how thin I am and asking me if I’m not well. Well, I’m not well. But telling me I look ill isn’t going to make me feel any better. But I know it’s only because people care.
  • I need to put on weight. Or at least start wearing a bra again… or buy some better fitting clothes.

How do you stay full and keep your weight up on AIP?

Food diary
It’s been hard keeping track of everything throughout the day, but here’s my sorry list of foods I shouldn’t have been eating…

Breakfast: Bacon and sausages
Lunch: Salami, pastrami, Salad, Chicken
Dinner: Salami, pastrami, salad, green beans, peas, broccoli
Snacks: Dates, banana, pear

Pain level (out of 10)
Started out with fairly low pain this morning, but steadily increased throughout the day as I ate more and more things I shouldn’t


2 thoughts on “Day 41: 5 reasons why I might be in pain today

    • I could up my portions. I eat A LOT on evenings because it’s the easiest meal to eat huge portions in, and I always have some protein and fat with every meal. I guess I’m not hungry so much as I have cravings. And if you get caught short, it’s difficult to just go out and buy something. Roll on reintroduction anyway!


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