Day 60: Closing the curtains on my 60 Day Autoimmune Protocol Challenge

So here we draw to a close this challenge series. There have been ups, there have been downs, they were the best of times, they were the worst of times… and other clichés as well. After 60 days of discipline… OK, maybe a few fewer than 60… I find myself feeling under considerable pressure to write this concluding post with the correct blend of summary, naval-gazing and nod to the future. Here goes…

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Day 59: Trying to get the most out of my hospital visit

It’s finally here. The day I’ve been waiting for. It’s my first visit to a specialist. I’ve been waiting for this day for over six months and it’s been a long time coming. Getting an appointment with a consultant urologist in the NHS apparently isn’t as easy as just ringing up and booking one. Even since I managed to get the referral, it’s taken over six weeks to get to see someone. With that in mind, I intend to make the absolute most out of this appointment today. Continue reading

Day 57: A festive mantra to keep me sane on AIP

It’s Christmas! Well, not yet. But it is December, which is almost the same thing. And as the festive season gets into full swing, I find myself being invited to a whole host of Christmas-themed get-togethers. As Boyfriend and I will also be flying to Chicago in less than a week to spend Christmas with his family, it means starting Christmas a bit earlier over here in order to fit everyone in. I also totally coincidentally know a lot of people with birthdays in December… so double trouble. How does one cope with all these difficult-to-control food situations? Errrm… I was hoping you’d tell me.  Continue reading

Day 54: Reset and refresh

Not that I have a penchant for the dramatic – or hyperchondriatic (I should probably reign that in for my hospital appointment next week) – but it seems to me that putting yourself on an elimination diet for the first time ever can be quite a traumatic experience.

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Day 53: The problem with confounding variables

Question: What happens when you cheat on your elimination diet with a bunch of foods you shouldn’t be eating?

Answer: You don’t know which of them is causing the pain you’re now in. Dammit.  Continue reading

Day 52: That was a hard fall

Day 52… I think? I don’t know, I’ve been a bit absent, haven’t I. There’s a reason for that, but it’s not a good one. It’s a guilty one and not one I’m proud of. As for the last two days, I have slowly and steadily, but truly madly deeply fallen off the wagon.  Continue reading