Being abroad: the last remaining excuse not to be checking work emails?

Well, I’m burning some time at my laptop before I set off to the airport for sunny(?) Poland. I woke up to news of the Conservatives winning a majority in our general election and I’m outta here. Screw this country, man. 

Not really.

But kind of.

Nah, we’ve had this trip booked for a while. I’ve very suddenly contracted a tropical disease called Taxídia Entómo̱n, from the Greek meaning Travel Bug. I had it once before in my mid to late teens, but I thought my three month stint picking button squash in Australia had served as adequate inoculation.

Apparently not.

I suddenly very much want to be nowhere else but anywhere else but here. And not because I hate it here. I mean, this is the kind of view I’m five minutes away from…

Peak District

I will never get sick of walking in the Peak District. No, it’s not about being dissatisfied with where I am necessarily, just a sudden need to get out and experience the world more deeply. To get away from the news, our responsibilities, and work.

And there’s nothing like being in another country to help you with that. Technology is trying to thwart efforts of total cut-off from life at home, with free WiFi practically everywhere. But in a world where people expect you to be contactable at all times, checking emails late into the evening and available by phone on your days off… just because you’re so freaking passionate about your job… being abroad, out of sight and out of mind, is still an excuse that people seem to accept.

So, boyfriend and I are making an effort this year to take any available opportunity to get out of the country. We’re both very lucky that we get the opportunity to travel with work pretty frequently. This is nice although it can sometimes mean fairly long distance flights for very short stays, which can be exhausting. So, we figured, why not tack a few days onto the end of these business trips and use the opportunity to do some globetrotting for pleasure instead of viewing the world through hotel and conference hall windows?

Warsaw is our first of the year. And we’re all the way into May! Man, we need to get a groove on! Boyfriend is presenting at a conference and flew out yesterday morning. I’m flying out to join him today. The more I think about travelling this way, the more I think it’s a great way to do it. I’m not sure Warsaw would ever have been top of my list when it comes to travel destinations, but from what I can see on Trip Advisor and from reading other blogs, it looks like a pretty cool city.

Minus the vodka and bread, the diet also seems pretty primal-friendly, with plenty of sausage, sauerkraut and MEAT on the menu pretty much everywhere. Bonus.

I’m truly looking forward to our three day city break. And even though I have two pretty major projects running simultaneously at work right now, and a bunch of stuff I know I’ll be coming back to on Tuesday, I am NOT taking my laptop and will be UNSYNCING my work emails from my smartphone.


Whatever emergencies might arise, there are other team members to sort them out and even if not, I’m not a doctor. My job isn’t life or death. What’s the actual worst that could happen?

So, deep breath. And un-sync. Ah, that feels pretty good actually.


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